Just that way (Sugar Shack)

Straight Into Action

Label: Wild Weekend

Year of Release: 1997


Shitty Blond Hair

Weired, Waxed and Wired! Compilation Radio Blast/Ox Fanzine

Year of release: 1997


Recorded spontaneous during a visit of the Jet Bumpers' recording sessions for their second album in the Netherlands. This song is also to find in a different version on the "...Hell Yeah!" album.


Nothing But A Song (Elvis)

Instant Assholes Compilation

Label: Sounds Of Subterrania

Year of Release: 1998


A lo-fi mono recording originally planed for a Elvis Punk Rock Tribute. Recorded with a shitty small tape recorder and featuring a spanish friend on female 2nd voice.


Go Daddy Go

Unexpected Flying Objects - The Flying Revolverblatt 5th Anniversary Compilation

Year of release: 1999


Contribution to the fanzine "The Flying Revolverblatt" for their 5th Anniversary.


Talk too much (Jet Bumpers)

Hypecity No. 1

Label: Valve Records

Year of Release: 2000


Brown Burnin` Rubber

Motormania 2000

Label: Sounds Of Subterrania

Year of Release: 2000


Piece of Wood

Active Detective Journal Bonus Single File No.04

Year of Release: 2000


I'm In Love With The Destructive Girls

Alpha Motherfuckers (Bonus CD)

Year of release: 2001


Contribution to the Alpha Motherfuckers Sampler. It was released as a bonus CD to the main album. The song features new german lyrics writen by Sven Wixner.


Shit Called Love (The Pagans)

That’s Life! At The Wild At Heart Vol.I

Label: Wild At Heart

Year of Release: 2003


Natural Born Douchebag (live)

Subsonic Live Vol. 1,Lolaproduct,  France 2001. Song was recorded live at the great Subsonic Club at Montpellier, France

Bust Riots

Here`s Fifty Bucks Compilation by Tony Slug 2004. The song is the same version as on the Hell Yeah LP

Oh Yeah! (Live)

Motormania 7" EP, 1998. Song was recorded live at ? in ?

Hits, Haldol...

Cologne Compilation fromm 1996. First appereance for the Suckers on Vinyl/CD. (I guess it`s only on vinyl). Album contains four Suckers tunes (Alphadrive and Don`t like it in early versions and two other songs I have forgotten now...)